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Bible Study Sessions

Bible Study Sessions

Bible Study Materials

Research shows that many young people are biblical illiterate. Many teenagers find studying the bible on their own boring. That’s why as KSCF, we support bible study groups in schools which are led by the students themselves. These is essential and dynamic way of helping the students to understand the bible and love reading it. KSCF has vetted and approved materials that deals with bible study and can be found in our office upon request. The materials are biblical sound and can help create a consistent pattern of bible study for students. Below are the fundamental topics that students are taken through:-

1. The authority of scriptures
~ Christian Service.
~ Prayer and Fasting.

2. A careful look at Christianity and culture.
~ When Christianity and Culture collide.

3. Sexual Purity.
~ False Doctrines.

4. Consistent Bible study.
~ Authentic Sexuality.

Note:- Every year, we have new series that are published to meet the demand of the time for the students.