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Discipleship programs

Discipleship programs


One of the outstanding assignment that Christ left behind when He was leaving, is the making of Disciples. It is in this that KSCF majors of building disciples in every school that we step in. Discipleship is the Hallmark of the Christian growth. Our Christian students, as learners, they should be able to be brought up in a structured biblical knowledge on their faith. These enables them to grow and become also examples of the young ones in the faith.

We emphasize on this in every school and why it very important. There is spiritual growth without consistent Discipleship.

KSCF has materials that is vetted and approved by the KSCF officials to be used as a guideline in discipling the student’s. The materials include:-

1. Manual One – Rooted in Christ.
2. Manual Two – Spiritual Living.
3. Peer to Peer that has divisions of:-
a) Evangelism
b) Discipleship
c) Leadership and Civic Education.
d) Counselling.

~ This is to equip students on how to be effective and reach out to their fellow students.